Cellulose Acetate Tow

Tow for Cigarettes

Celloluse diacetate tow is the major raw material in producing filter rods of cigarette. After a processing system of stretching, gathering, setting the shape and then being wrapped by tissue paper, at last the filter rod is made according to customers requirements on specification. The filter rod used for cigarette can greatly reduce the hazardous materialsuch as tar and nicotine, meantime the taste and aroma of the exquisite bouquet of tobacco is well preserved. Owing to it is clean, no unwanted smell, has a steady chemical structure and a good filtration effects, it’s very popular by the cigarette manufacture in the world.

The below specifications we can supply:

2.5Y/30,000 2.7Y/30,000 4.5Y/30,000
2.4Y/32,000 2.9Y/32,000 3.0Y/32,000
2.7Y/35,000 3.0Y/35,000 3.3Y/35,000 5.0Y/35,000
3.0Y/37,000 3.3Y/37,000

Bellow is the testing result for the grade 3.0Y/35,000.

Item Result Technical Requirement Test Method
Tow Denier 35000 ±900 YC/T 26–2008
Variation Coefficiency, Total Denier ≤0.21 ≤0.6 YC/T 26–2008
Denier per Filament 3.02 ±0.22 YC/T 26–2008
Crimp Number/25mm 24 ±4 YC/T 26–2008
Breaking Strength N/Ktex 21.6 ≥18 YC/T 26–2008
Section Shape Y YC/T 26–2008
Moisture % 5.2 6.0±1.6 YC/T 26–2008
Oil Content % 1.1 0.7-1.5 YC/T 26–2008
Acetone Residual% 0.07 ≤0.3 YC/T 26–2008
Titanium Dioxide Content% 0.39 0.4±0.2 YC/T 26–2008